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VT55 UK Charger

UK charging adaptor for the ATEQ VT55 Unit.

Barcode: 5055563005011

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-629, T72-20-629


VT55/VT56 Euro/UK Charger

European and UK charging adaptor for the ATEQ VT55/VT56 Unit.

Barcode: 5055563001037

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-607, ATEQ-5502-Charger, T72-20-607


OBDII Peugeot Adaptor

Adaptor cable to allow ATEQ VT55 OBDII connectivity to Peugeot vehicles.

Barcode: 5055563001020

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-604, ATEQ-5502-Adaptor, T72-20-604


VT55 OBDII Module

ATEQ VT55 OBDII Module for connecting ATEQ VT55 to Vehicle's ECU to enable TPMS relearns where applicable.

Barcode: 5055563001044

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-603, ATEQ-5502-Module, T72-20-603


VT56 Printer Roll x 20

A pack of 20 printer rolls for the VT56 printer included with ATE-D004.

Barcode: 5055563005004

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-20-627, PRINTER-ROLL, T72-20-627