Starter Kits

Replacements for all starter kit parts can be found on the valves and service kits pages of this site.


Starter Kit 1

72 Service Kits 20 Clamp-In Valves 4 Snap-In Valves 25 Nickel Plated Valve Cores 25 Pressure Seal TPMS Caps Plastic Storage... (more)

Barcode: 5055563003468

Comparative Part Numbers: 6-329, 72-20-545,


Starter Kit 2

16 Service Kits 24 Snap-In Valves 32 Clamp-In Valves

Barcode: 6924478960076

Comparative Part Numbers: 6-335, 72-20-546,


Starter Kit Pro

The new Tyresure Starter Kit Pro, covering 99% of European Direct TPMS enabled vehicles. The Starter Kit Pro contains the followi... (more)

Comparative Part Numbers: 6-348, 72-20-569, 5611050,