ATEQ Partnership

Our ATEQ Partnership

ATEQ are the market-leading manufacturer for TPMS diagnostic tools and solutions worldwide, supplying a complete range of activation tools for an exclusive selection of distributors. Since the introduction of TPMS began, ATEQ has aimed to produce the most advanced TPMS diagnostic tools by implementing the latest technological features, and has become one of the most reliable and well-recognised brands on the market.

In 2007, Tyresure collaborated with ATEQ in order to offer customers the most high-quality, robust diagnostic tools available, and released the VT55 as their first tool. Since that time, Tyresure and ATEQ have continued to work together to produce some of the most popular diagnostic tools on the market. This close working partnership also includes Tyresure’s sister company, Hamaton Ltd, who have developed their own diagnostic tools with ATEQ, including the H46 and H36. Tyresure are proud to be the largest wholesaler of ATEQ-branded diagnostic tools in Europe.

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