TYR-S418 - T-Pro Hybrid 1.5 3100 Clamp-In Black Sensor

This product has been replaced by TYR-S502

Clamp-In T-Pro Hybrid 1.5™ - Configurable TPMS Sensor.

The fastest configurable sensor on the market (1-3 seconds), which offers high vehicle coverage.

  • 99% coverage of 2018/ 2019 European direct TPMS-enabled vehicles and 95% overall.
  • Dual valve capability - allowing independent replacement of the valve stem, and the ability to exchange between Clamp-In and Snap-In valves.
  • 7-year Maxell battery, with the latest NXP chipset and a lightweight, durable housing.
  • Includes a protective ring (i.e. a washer), enabling users to tighten the valveā€™s collar without scratching the alloy wheel's surface.
  • Designed for optimum compatibility with OE and aftermarket wheels - no adjustment necessary.
  • Auto-location functionality for LOS, WAL, PAL and SAL.
  • Laser-welded rear cover, creating an overall weight of only 26g.

Requires a TPMS diagnostic tool to configure the sensor for the required vehicle.

Nut Torque: 4.0Nm

Screw Torque: 1.4Nm

Barcode: 6924478954488

Comparative Part Numbers: HTS-A62BF, 72-21-939,

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