HAM-D081 - H57 Diagnostic Tool

H57 Diagnostic Tool w/ OBDII Module

The Hamaton H57 possesses advanced features that provide comprehensive TPMS and tyre management. The H57 supersedes the H56, combining user-friendly navigation with a brand-new 4.3" touch-sensitive display and improved graphics.

The H57 can read and activate all OEM and aftermarket sensors and configure/program all Hybrid generations. With regards to the latter, there is an upgrade that unlocks all popular aftermarket sensors*.

Thanks to ATEQ’s Sync-ID technology, technicians can perform a standard OBD relearn procedure on 90% of vehicles (with direct TPMS) and adopt the said process to reset the ECU. Tyre management features allow users to record DOT codes, such as the date and place of manufacture and measure tread depth (with an accessory).

Furthermore, Live Sensor updates, the tool’s wireless capability and the free five-year software subscription* ensure the H57 has the latest coverage.

Additional Features:

  • Large memory capacity for up to 800 service records.
  • Vehicle-specific OBD port locations
  • Onboard training
  • Vehicle key fob testing for battery status and signal strength

The H57 Includes:

  • Two-year warranty
  • OBDII module
  • USB cable and charger
  • Five-year software subscription
  • Carry Case

* The free 5-year software subscription will stop if you upgrade to All Aftermarket Sensors.

Comparative Part Numbers: 72-21-620,