TYR-B015 - Starter Kit 1 and Tool Kit Bundle

For a limited time only, Tyresure are offering a 30% discount when you purchase our TPMS Starter Kit 1 with a TPMS Tool Kit. These 2 essential products provide everything businesses need to begin offering TPMS services and start generating significant additional revenue.

It is estimated that the average TPMS service kit is charged at approximately £5, while a typical valve replacement costs around £15. With 72 service kits and 24 valves included in Starter Kit 1, this means it is possible to generate over £700 in service revenue. Combined with our Tool Kit, which provides all the tools required to install and service any Clamp-In valves on the market; this bundle will allow any tyre bay to quickly and easily get started working with TPMS.

OE manufacturers highly recommend that TPMS valve components are thoroughly serviced or replaced every time a tyre fitted with a sensor is removed. As more and more new cars on the road are being fitted with sensors every year, the opportunities to earn additional income from TPMS servicing are continuously on the rise – make sure you don’t miss out!

Barcode: TYR-B015-1

Comparative Part Numbers: 6-329/6-313, 72-20-572,

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