Tyresure launch Hybrid 1.5 with high vehicle coverage!


Tyresure has launched an upgraded version of their successful universal T-Pro Hybrid sensor for the European aftermarket that has increased vehicle coverage.

The T-Pro Hybrid 1.5 provides complete flexibility. In addition to already high vehicle coverage, it is now compatible with 99% of 2018 direct TPMS-enabled vehicles. Furthermore, its dual valve technology enables you to exchange between an alloy Clamp-In, black Clamp-In or Snap-In valve.

Therefore, garages and tyre bays can take advantage of stock optimisation. Significantly reduced inventory levels free-up cash to meet other expenses and storage space to expand product offering.

What’s more, the T-Pro Hybrid 1.5 is the fastest, configurable sensor on the market, banishing long waiting times for superior customer service, which is strengthened by its compact, lightweight design that eases installation.

So, for TPMS sensors, look no further than Tyresure! Click here for further details