ATEQ Announce Software Update with New Features


ATEQ have released their December software update enhancing the H36/ VT36, H46/VT46, VT56/SE with new features as well as improved vehicle and sensor coverage.

New features:


  • A warning message before Manual ID entry to help you locate the correct information.
  • Fast update mode: only uploads modified data, reducing the time it takes to update your tool.

H46/ VT46

  • Retrieve ID from ECU: program universal sensors, including our T-Pro Hybrid 1.5 when cloning isn't possible, for example, due to a flat battery.
  • Manual ID entry: enter an OE sensor ID (found on its housing) then transfer it to an T-Pro Hybrid 1.5, avoiding relearn procedures as ID’s remain identical.
  • Tyre Tread Depth (TTD): with a gauge, quickly capture three precise measurements (inner, centre and outer tyre) of four to seven wheels per vehicle; data you can save, sync and export.

H36/ VT36

  • Splash screen with ATEQ logo.

Update your TPMS tool via WebVT by connecting it to a PC with the USB cable provided. If you haven’t got WebVT, download it here .

If you require help installing WebVT or updating your TPMS tool, watch this step-by-step video by ATEQ. Nonetheless, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.