ATEQ Release New Software Update and WebVT v8.16


ATEQ - a leading TPMS tool manufacturer - has released its Q1 software update for ATEQ and Hamaton TPMS tools.

This software update sees the coverage increase once more, meaning technicians can service an even higher number of vehicles.

Furthermore, the company has launched a new version of WebVT - the desktop application in which users can download software updates.

Regarding the new features of WebVT, Database Manager Renan Ludscher says they will allow his colleagues to bring "faster and more effective support solutions to our customers."

WebVT version 8.16 features:

  • Job modification is now offered directly from the PC for all the following fields: comments, client name, VIN, plate number, odometer reading
  • DOT/TIN recording for all jobs synced into WebVT app
  • Tire Tread Depth colour reading
  • New templates for all kind of vehicles (cars, bikes, trailers, etc.) with an improved layout
  • New support button to contact ATEQ support team
  • VIN scan reading from the tool automatically populates the matching job on the PC
  • Wi-Fi transfer from the VT tool to the PC for all the new jobs (function improved from the previous version)
  • Distributor field added into My profile/registration screen

Download WebVT here. Alternatively, open your existing WebVT software, click on the update prompt and follow the on-screen instructions. If you require help updating your TPMS tool or WebVT, please contact our technical support team.